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Radio controlled watches have caught my interest lately. All I knew of Junghans was the chunky digital. I checked out the rest of their collection and I am completely smitten by this Racer model, especially in blue. So sweet.

for an ana-dig the functions are limited and not solar charged either which puts it behind even the cheapest Casio ana-dig, but does that dial look nice!

I especially like how the pusher are made to look like a crown guard. In fact I didn't even know they were pushers until I read the manual.

there are a couple of dial and strap options. Also a very nice looking analogue chronograph of this same model, but not RC.

Also some other nice looking modern styled RC models in the Junghans menu.

Picture from this site

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Why in the world did you show me this, John? :)) :))

That Racer is sweet my friend. I love Junghans and miss my chunky R/C digital dearly. But I also think I have come to the conclusion that the ana-digi R/C combo also works best for me.

There is only one authorized Junghans Ad in the United States ( They are located in Cleveland, OH and that is where I originally got my Junghans Mega 1000. They problem is, they sell too close to full retail, although I have noticed, they lowered their prices some.

Great watches, 2 year warranty. Never had a lick of trouble with mine. I tend to view Junghans as the German "Seiko" that never was.
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