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EastTech crystals lives on, this has been posted by Spencer on another forum but it has far reaching implications so I thought it should be aired here too.

"One of the many things that Jonathan was concerned about was the continuation of his business. He felt it was part of his legacy, something that should live after him. We talked about it often. When he became ill, and the extent of that illness became known, Jonathan told the company that custom-made his crystals for him that I would be taking it over, so it would keep going. We've now sorted that out, so these will again be available, including his stock replacements such as the Type I 6105 high-profile crystal, Type II double-dome, 6139 crystals, 6138 crystals, and also custom items such as the bubble boy.

They also contracted out his gasket orders, so that part of his business will be preserved as well. I don't currently have anything on hand, but we've finalized the details and I will start stocking things here in the next couple of weeks. Gaskets, especially DJ0060B01 (613x push button plus a ton more models besides), will take a little longer but they will be available once everything is up and running again.

Just an FYI so the word is out there, in case anyone cares or is wondering. While I can never fill Jonathan's shoes, his crystals will still be available for us in this hobby that he loved so much."

This has got to be great news for the whole Seiko community.

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Great news Spencer. While Jonathan will be deeply missed it is excellent to hear is legacy will live on.

Please post an update when you have stock available as I am sure quite a few people will be waiting.

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Great news - I had wondered what would transpire... It's wonderful that Jonathan's work will live on.

I also agree that it must be in everybody's best interests for Spencer to be trading on SCWF (as well as elsewhere), I hope to see this soon.

Duncan, can you clarify the gasket situation - will these be available through Spencer too?

Cheers, Sam.

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I'm glad Spencer and Jonathan had time to do this before Jonathan passed. I too think he should be given the opportunity to post here again if he so desires.
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