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It's snowing here, but the 'Sun' is out (GMT content)

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Bitterly cold here in Michigan this morning (14F, -10C), but the day perked up when my new SUN021 arrived. This is the watch I have really wanted to see in person since they were revealed, and I quickly swapped the SUN019's bracelet onto the -021 (came with a silicone strap I think). All I can say is, Wow!! Really liking the black/silver combo.

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The more I see that one the more it grows on me, very nice :)
Very nice indeed, and really looking forward too the cold weather here, with me on my bike...Not :)
Agreed. I tried one on at Schiphol airport and really liked it.

I would have bought it but only stopped for fear that I might be able to buy it significantly cheaper online (it was 495 euro on rubber strap iirc).
it look really big and beautiful thanks for the pic
Nice watch ..... But where's the snow photo?
I really like the look of the SUN021, but I'm not a fan of rubber straps. The -021 with the -019 bracelet looks awesome. It's on my Christmas list.

Where/How/Part Number of the -019 bracelet?
Lovely looking watch, if only I had bigger wrists!
Lovely looking watch, if only I had bigger wrists!
If only I had bigger pockets
Where/How/Part Number of the -019 bracelet?
I wish I knew. I moved from -019 to -021. Would like a replacement to go back onto the -021, but have not yet found anything online I could buy. If anyone knows, I'd be interested.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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