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It's been awhile......Saving Seiko's From The South Sea's

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:) It's been awhile since I've posted one of these...
Here's a 6309-836A Sport 5 saved from the South Seas. This one completes my set of 3

Here's the before & After.

Bad shape, Bezel scratched off, missing crown & stem, case back and third wheel broken...

I ordered the bezel from Borel back in Oct 2009 and gave up on it...LOL...It came in last Saturday ...hahahaha. Probably the last one I'll be able to get...
I found a crown & stem and case back in a lot on the "bay" and after rebuilding the movement it can now join the others that got the same treatment...

Thanks for Looking! :)
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Nice triplets you have there Lew, you truly are the master of time and life and death for many watches :) ;)
Wow, that's quite a transformation Lew!

Good job, Lew. Here's my one and only, a 6309-836B from Dec. 1985.

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Lew nice work, and good to see you

Nice save lew. god to see you back on your feet and around. Hope all's well.
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