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I know many of you try and quite a few of you also "try" the moderators :)

But please try and get the basics right, it's not for the benefit of the mods or for rules sake it is to keep it clean and easy for us all.

Basic requirements (again).

The title of your post to contain :

FS/WTB/WTT/Free/Offers invited/PRICE.

Only five (5) active posts at anyone time.

Current and your own pictures in the body of your post.

Bumps can only take place every 24 hours, if you want to add something to your post either wait 24 hours or edit your main post.

It would be "nice" if you left the selling price within your post.

It would also be "nice" if you left pictures.

It is hard to enforce the previous two items but as i say it would be "nice" if you left them there.

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i find that it helps sometimes...but when it gets bloody....that is when i stop
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