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Some of you may remember that I picked up a 6139-6002 for parts off of eBay for $60 a few weeks ago. It arrived in pieces, and since I had some time and no real consequences in front of me, and a 2nd complete 6009 movement from Florida Sam, I fiddled with it to learn something about this movement. Took off the winding side down past the magic lever assembly, took the other side apart down through the dial, under the day/date wheels, and went as far as removing the balance. For fun I cleaned and oiled everything I touched, but nothing worked when I got it back together. I'd checked everything step by step as I put it back together, and I didn't think I'd done it wrong, it just didn't work. Plainly something else was going on deeper down. Oh well. All functions that I could test worked (quickset etc) so it was a good learning experience.

Until today! My daughter had a psycho freakout so I stayed home with her rather than go along on the regular Friday shopping trip. With nothing better to do, and needing something quiet to pass the time, I looked at the supposedly DOA movement from the 6002. Since it was dead, there was no harm in playing with the movement. A few small adjustments as though I was regulating, and all of the sudden the balance started swinging! :eek:

Now the darn thing is actually running! Chrono functions set and reset correctly. No idea about time, no idea if it'll keep going, but this unfortunately means that I don't have two 6139's and a donor watch, I have THREE 6139's, one of which is missing the case back. When does the parts sourcing STOP??

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