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One of my hobbies is searching for lost treasures, mostly toys and watches. Living here in central New Jersey gives me lots of places to look. It’s amazing what I can find on a regular basis. Most of the watches that I have found are vintage mechanicals. I found this Casio G-Shock hidden under a pile of jewelry at a yard sale. I have some concerns about whether this watch is real. I paid $3.00 for the watch and $3.21 for the battery to be installed. All the functions work. The back reads: MUD RESIST MUDMAN CASIO RB-1212 GW-9000 ST STEEL BACK MADE JAPAN WATER RESIST 20 BAR. On the clasp it shows the word CASIO JAPAN. My concerns are: The light feature goes on only when pressing the top left ADJUST button. The back has 4 screws and when you remove the rubber covering you have to pop the back off. On the bottom of the band it says Tough Solar yet it took a standard 2016 battery.

It just doesn’t seem kosher too me. Maybe that’s how Casio is making them today. The watch is nice looking but absolutely huge on my 6.5 inch wrist. I prefer my Seiko automatic mid size 200 meter SKX 013 diver. I don’t want to list it on the bay if I know it’s a fake. If it is a fake I'll just give it to one of my elementary school students when I go back to teaching in September.

Any comments would be appreciated, and thanks in advance.
Hamilton Square near Trenton, New Jersey USA

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