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I just restored this 6205-8290 and the case is 20 microns gold electroplate. The hour markers are also super shiny and have zero corrosion after 45 years so they are in my opinion gold electroplated as well. The whole watch case is that gorgeous 'true gold plate' color that no PVD'd or otherwise "gold color stainless" can come close to replicating.

What I am finding interesting is the dial code: 6205-8920 TED

We have seen many a TAD dial code, but this is my first time seeing a TED. I think the "E" in "TED" must mean "Electroplated" for the hour markers and possibly the date window frame, SEIKO logo and hands maybe too as they too are both shiny and without any corrosion or degradation whatsoever.

Not sure how well these photos showcase the beauty here, but the polished perfect shiny cylindical hour markers and all dial appliques are just amazing. Where you would normally have a gold color stainless steel tension ring on a "T" style crystal, this one uses a "W" style and the 'chapter ring' is actually a highly polished surface that is part of the case itself.

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Anyone else have a dial with the TED dial code suffix ?

Case back for reference:
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