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Insert insanity 6309 bezel inserts

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The 6309, 7548, 7002 bezel insert topic has been driving me crazy since I started collecting these divers.

After reading through many posts on the topic I thought I had it sorted out until a few days ago on the "what are you wearing thread" a member posted a 7548 which lead to a discussion and their observation about the inserts.

Before reading his comment I was under the impression all 6309/6-704x and 7458 black diver inserts had a matte dimpled appearance.

Rectangle Automotive lighting Table Pattern Font

I thought the 7002 divers had the black gloss inserts with a greener lume pip.

Automotive tire Bicycle part Rim Tread Font

The member in the "what are you wearing thread" had observed that around mid 1981 the bezel inserts in the 6309 and 7548 divers started to be seen with the black gloss finish.

I went through my limited diver collection and observed the following:

6309 September 77 matte
6306 March 78 matte
6309 August 79 matte
7548 January 80 matte
6309 January 81 matte
6309 March 84 matte
7548 (200m) August 84 gloss

My recently acquired 6309 from March 1984 has a matte insert where maybe it should be gloss.

Looking at pictures on the internet they are often too low in resolution to pick up the texture on the insert.

I was hoping when members had a chance if they could have a look at their inserts and post the reference, month and year along with whether their inserts are gloss or matte.

Also if they had made their own observations on this subject.

Any 6309-7290 and 7002 (150m) inserts also.

Many thanks in advance.
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Thanks for the detailed information Todd.

I agree unless someone is the original owner and knows the history of the watch nothing is for certain.

Your comments on the WRUW thread made me look again at what I thought I had understood about the inserts.

I'm now really interested to hear from other members who have divers from around the time you have noticed the change to the bezel inserts (ie) mid 1981.

I've checked a couple of my other divers:

7548-700B Nov 1980 matte
7548-701A Aug 1984 gloss
6309-729A Dec 1985 gloss
7002-700A Nov 1996 gloss

and just for another reference
7549-7010 Nov 1982 matte
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My 7548-700C has a gloss insert. It's from May 1981

View attachment 480837
Thanks for the information.

That bezel is in great condition.

That's right around the time of the change from matte to gloss.

Good to build up a bit of a data base.
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