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The following is an index of all the blogs feeds currently available. Just click on a link and you will be taken directly to that live feed.

GMT+9 - A collaborative effort led by PeteW and a number of longtime Japanese watch collectors, which is easily one of the most thorough, respected and well known blogs dedicated to both vintage and current Japanese watches. It's contributor list reads like a who's who of Japanese watch collecting. Definitely worth reading this blog on a regular basis.

YEOMAN'S WEBLOG - Thomas "Yeoman" Yeo's blog dedicated to watch reviews and with a heavy focus on Japanese watches (mainly Seiko and it's brands). This is one of the two blog's that replaced his famous, long standing, and now inactive, Yeoman's Weblog.

YEOMAN'S WATCH REVIEW - Thomas "Yeoman" Yeo's blog dedicated to watch reviews and with a heavy focus on Japanese watches (mainly Seiko and it's brands). This is one of the two blog's that replaced his famous, long standing, and now inactive, Yeoman's Weblog.

QUARTZIMODO'S TIME JOURNAL - Zami "Stratman II/Quartzimodo" Zahari's fantastic forum dedicated to Japanese watch collecting and wonderful insights into life in general. This is a wonderful source of information for international market Seiko's typically found in the South East Asian region.

NEWS FROM CHINO WATCH - Chino watch is one of the Big Three online purveyors of Japanese market time pieces to the rest of the world. Like Seiya and Higuchi's blogs, chino covers the broad spectrum of unique time pieces that rarely make the trip beyond Japan's shores. Unlike the other two sites, Chino often covers a wider array of pieces. This one is worth a regular look.

KATSU NAVI - If you are a collector of Japanese Domestic Market watches then you know who Katsu Higuchi of Higuchi Inc. is. This is his blog dedicated primarily to new and upcoming Japanese Domestic Market watches.

SEIYA JAPAN BLOG - If you are a collector of Japanese Domestic Market watches, then you know who Seiya Kobayashi is. This is his blog dedicated primarily to new and upcoming Japanese Domestic market watches.

MY G-SHOCK - Riley's amazing site dedicated to G-shocks. Early SCWF Viewers will recognize Riley as one of the very early english speaking authorities in G-shock collecting. His site is a major resource for anyone interested in collecting these time pieces.

50 Gs - Sjors' and Greg's blog dedicated to reviews of Casio G-shocks. The site attempts to review 50 watches per year and accepts contributor's articles. There is an amazing amount of G-shock content and the site serves as a companion to Sjors' personal G-Shock site, G-Peopleland.

MOLLE WATCH - Stefan Molle's blog dedicated to his incredible collection of high and very high end watches, especially high end seiko's. This is one of the very few places available to see user reviews and pictures of those pieces most collectors rarely have a chance to see.

ANZAC'S ORIENT WATCHSPOT - Tony "anzac1957" Lewis' blog dedicated primarily to current and vintage Orient watches.

BELLMANIA - John "JohnN" Nelson's incredible blog dedicated to vintage Seiko Bell-Matics, which serves as a companion to The Bell-Matic Republic and its forum. John's sites are probably the internet's principal information source for all things Bell-Matic.

MY SEIKO BELLMATIC COLLECTION - John "TheTigerUK" Bentley's watch blog dedicated to his vintage Seiko Bell-Matics and other vintage pieces.

SWEEPHAND'S VINTAGE CITIZEN WATCH BLOG - Beginning in April 2011, this blog provides a reference point for anyone interested in Citizen's mechanical and electro-mechanical models prior to 1980. As the blog develops, based on fellow member Sweephand's research, there'll be lots of information available about the model lines. Through his own collection, Sweephand will show representative examples of the different and varied styles, with a close look at particular models in 'This Week's Featured Watch'.

TIME AFTER TIME - Bruce's "bktime" collection of mainly vintage watches, which includes reviews of many vintage Seiko's and Citizens.

SEIKO & CITIZEN WATCH BLOG - Martin "Martback" Backman's blog dedicated to his superlative collection of vintage japanese watches, especially vintage seikos. This is a must read for all lovers of vintage seikos.

HARRY'S VINTAGE SEIKO BLOG - Harry-Denmark's Fantastic blog focusing predominantly on vintage seikos.

I'M WATCHING YOU - Kohym's fabulous general watch review blog, with a heavy emphasis on japanese watches, especially Orients and Seikos.

DIVE INTO WATCHES - A wonderful blog dedicated to dive watches in general, which also covers a very good number of Japanese dive watches.

ORIENT WATCH USA BLOG - This is one of those blogs that you have to read between the lines. First and foremost this is a commercial blog run by Orient USA as an advertising medium for their watches. While the blog has potential, it has suffered in the past from a lack of quality control in their articles and a bit too much overstating of their case. Still this is a great place to see input on Orient's latest offerings in north America, and it is a perfect place to learn about orient's regular offers and specials.

THE WATCH REPORT - This is not an exclusively Asian watch blog. Instead, it is very much a generalist watch blog. It covers a very wide variety of time pieces from many different country. so why is it included here? Well they do cover Japanese watches, but more than that, they are one of the most thorough watch blogs around. Even if you're not reading about Japanese watches, the sheer scope of the information is worth any watch lover's time. Highly recommended.

LUMBERWATCHES - This is a personal blog started by fellow forumer, Lumber. The blog focuses mainly on watches from Lumber's personal collection, and especially Seikos. The blog focuses not only on th ephysical and technical aspects of the watches, but also goes further and tries to tell the stories behind the watches, as well as those curious details that make them valuable. The blog also includes practical video tutorials of an horological "how to" nature.

BEST OF WATCH - A blog written by forum member webvan which focuses on vintage and current quartz watches with an affinity for high accuracy movements and technical evaluations of their performance.
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