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Incoming Ricoh Sakura.

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Not been on in a while, had a few issues, hopefully now sorted, only time will tell I guess :(
I have just bought this, know nothing about the brand, probably paid too much for it, Only I like the split date and the day number adj to the day.
I think Mr Levity has one....or maybe more by now :grin:
Any comments adverse or otherwise appreicated :)


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I like it Vyn :clap: nice bracelet as well.

I like the split day/date, too. I have a post up now looking for info about my Orient with a similar layout.

Nice watch!


Ed B.


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Thks Jim & Ed
Part of some ones collection....Apparently :)
Oh yes. Very cool, love that bracelet my beady little eye on a Ricoh too at the mo:)
Nice find Vyn.

Mine is a little different but does have split day/date. There is a very good write upon the Ricoh family on Seikoholics. Can't post a link at the moment 'cos I'm a hotel where the free internet access is total crap. :(
Yeah Dani, I found it after I posted the thread.
Thks anyhow. :)
Here is my Rolex homage, gotten NOS from JakeB who was caretaker of Noah Fuller watches.
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One of my favourite watches:

Here is my Rolex homage, gotten NOS from JakeB who was caretaker of Noah Fuller watches.
And maybe a homage to a homage ? That looks like what my horrible blingy Frankenricoh (21J dial, 17J movement ) is based on.

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I have a few Ricoh ... Very well made watches on a par with contemporary Seiko. This particular one I admit I bought mostly for the bracelet, it's all original though so I decided to keep it as is ..


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Nice Ricoh you got there :13:

Still got this project laying around,looking for a new dial (impossible?)Mine got a deep scratch:(

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Nice watch Croolis. :)
Thks Techca, hope u find a crystal :)
What is life without issues to wade through occasionally Vyn.
I'm glad your keeping your head above water :).

Have no knowledge of Ricoh's but like the look of what you've got there.
Niiiice bracelet too.

Wear it in good health.

Kind Regards

Circular calendar JDM version just went on my Grail list.

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