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Right, picked up a 7002 from Ramone. Needs some TLC but that's fine. Has AM hands/dial/insert so in a way its a blank canvas & I might use it for my first full-blown MOD :)

So, anyone got a photo or 6 they could post of any 7002's they have MOD'ed for give me inspiration while I have the long wait for it to get here...........:undecided:

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Ahh, a Ramon 7002 special, my fave :)

Heres my Funkenblitz special

skx031 001.jpg

A 62mas dial with 6105 hand set,


And one i currently working on, a PMMM with a 21j 7019A movement.

7002 PMMM before pic


And how it looks at the moment, but not finished yet

pmmm 7002.jpg

Ive done a couple of others but have sold them on to fund new projects.

Be warned, a lot of of 7002's have 7009 movements fitted, and its not easy to tell them apart if they've been tinkered with.
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