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Did this ever happen to you?
It happened to me on two separate occasions.I see something interesting listed on our favorite auction web site and before anyone has put in a bid,I Email the seller and offer him/her a decent price as a Buy It Now.The seller Emails me back,accepting my offer and willing to change the listing.So I sit there waiting and constantly refreshing the listing.A few minutes latter,the seller removes the listing (stating it's no longer available).I keep refreshing the listing and when I see the seller relisted the item,I click on the new listing just to find out someone else snatched it.I didn't leave my computer during all this time.
What am I doing wrong and what should I do in the future.
Thank you

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Had that, Three times till I found out what to do...

The seller had ( Bumped YOU ) ), for the (next best offer).
That's how they sneak around the present buyer's offer's.
Then he/she delays from his side and he can set it up like that.
They are real sneaky some of them.
This is how they do that:
They use ...... " TWO COMPUTER's ",running on The Ebay page, then at any request they use the other to alter the page you are on
then you lose and they gain.

I asked one seller how come it happened ,
This is what he told me and he was very honest about it too.
He said that is not fair, he does not like that way of doing business.

I repair computers also a past time hobby too.

When that happened I had to go out of the (website and go back into it , because when your computer is set on a website it does not change for a while sometimes.
I have that when repairing some computers and I go to look for information websites.
That is a problem when going for a response from a seller and (they delay the changes) for at least ( 15 to 30... seconds ), when they say I will change it to a ........... ( Buy Now ).

Also :
Depends on the internet speed in some areas also.
If they are busy then we get the problem from our side most of the time.

The computer does not register their change until you go out of the requesting page (The present Bid Page) for what you are bidding or asking about. You will have to go back and wait and (their delay )will cause the problems.
Sometimes when I want something really bad, I use ( Two Computers also
so if they do that to me I wont loose.)

" A Real Bummer some times when wanting something real bad. "

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The other buyer just got in a nano-second before it updated on your screen. I wondered about this too when making an informal buy it now offer. Perhaps best to suggest the seller change it to a buy it now (with high value) and make an offer listing. You make the offer agreed and the seller accepts - he can reject any other offers that come in before yours.

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Yes they play their game but...

Their main concern is their FeedBack, and if it congest's, it then
it will go to ebay and PayPal from the buyer in some compliant.
But they get away with it a lot of times and we are unawre of it.
Best to offer a little more , costly , but might be a sure buy.
To each their own how thy Bid or Buy I would say.:72:

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I think the answer is more simple that others have suggested.

Seiko buyers are now just searching on the new buy it now listings with the understanding that one might get lucky to find a seller that wants to quickly off a Seiko. They don't know much about it and underprice it. We hear the buy it now glory stories here all the time.

Hit that refresh button often enough an new stuff comes through all the time.

No big mystery here.
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