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I recently placed a WTB in the TF (before my car took ill :) ) for a MM beater/cheap :)

Apart from a super offer from a forum member which was out of my budget range I was contacted by a new member I dident know using "whats app" with a super offer, a nice MM boxed etc for £800/$1250 which was imo a great price.

He was located in the UK as i am and payment by paypal or collect in London, London awkward for me (lazy plus i don't like the place too busy), so after a couple of messages the "deal" was dead.

Then this week he contacted me again, seems a nice enough guy and needs money for his Christmas holiday and with a price reduction to £600/$940, GREAT price :), payment by paypal, when i told him niceley that i thought and no offence intended he could be scamming me his reply was "I'm not but your covered by paypal so why worry ? "mmmmmm but I do worry :) I did ask him if he would like to send and then i pay him but the answer was no for obvious reasons (I could be scamming him :) ).

So no deal but i just can't help being a old cynic, might cost me but might also save me a lot of problems.

Oh well it was interesting and perhaps a "bargain" but...................
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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