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ID for gold Seiko?

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New member here.

I'm looking for info/value on a Seiko I bought about 12 years ago. I seldom wear it---am not really into watches---and considering selling it but have no idea of value or the best way to sell. I would appreciate any guidance.

It is small (30MM?) with a leather band and Roman numerals. On the back, in a crest, is 14K and 0585, plus the # 7N01-6869.

What do I have?

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Most likely you will not be able to get more than the price for the raw gold.
If I estimate the pure housing weight to 10-15gg that would translate to something around $200 - $300.
But it's hard to estimate this weight, so you might consult a trustful jeweler.
At least here in Europe I would not expect any collector's value.


1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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