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I think we need a little more citrus ... POST YOUR YELLOWS!

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Here's mine ...

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I really wish Seiko made more yellow divers. O0

I've owned the yellow BFK twice because I wanted something yellow so badly, but I didn't warm up to it enough either time to keep 'em.
i want a yellow seiko. maybe the skxA35 or the yellow frankenmonster. i do have this though

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Nice Mike!

Hey G your up to bat what's next O0

I have no yellow, but all these crazy color threads are making me want something other than my boring old black and orange watches!
Very nice! care to give a few details on this watch? I'm looking for a yellow diver myself - and it's a toss-up between a stock yellow diver and a modded one.

thianwong said:
Toucan yellow 7548..

My only yellow watch is this SKXA-35. I recently switched it from a Watachadoo to the Super Oyster II bracelet:<a href=""><img src="" /></a>

I like the Watchadoo bracelet better, but I bought mine before the curved end links were available, so it had a fairly large gap between the watch and the end links:

<a href=""><img src="" /></a>

I can buy a set of curved end links, but $40 for two links seems a bit much. One of these days I'll find a better home for the 'doo.

--Les in FL
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Not sure if this is yellow or orange, but I LIKE it

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Only this Nautica for me...

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Well, I currently have this 6139-6002. And I used to have the elusive yellow NY0040. Probably shoula kept that one, but I developed a "thing" about Miyotas... ::) :-[


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I'm putting a President on it later today

and another, no bracelet change planned..

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My only yellow...

Thanks for following through with these types of threads...continuity is key!

Angelis ;)
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