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I think at times we don't appreciate how lucky we are !!

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I recently bought a couple of "spares" watches from the bay (Thewatch collector) but on receiving them the 7625-8233 Sportsmatic was just too good to part out, the movement spotlessly clean and running well with a nice dial and hand set even the crystal only needed a light polish, the only problem was the bezel which was in half.

I advertised on the trade forum and recived a couple of replies and one of them was from Pete K in OZ [email protected] who had a NOS !! after a couple of emails it is now in the post to me, it is amazing what he can come up with. Where would we be without the likes of Pete and others who can at times seem to get us the impossible ?? it does make you think many of us would be unable to finish those mods or restore those grails etc etc thanks you guys :)


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Terrific! Is Pete visiting SCWF lately? I've got a 6619 that cries out for its crystal bezel.
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