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I may have made an error here....Oppss !!

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I was looking at ebay before work this morning 5.30 am too be exact, and I saw this, I was half asleep and not good in the mornings, and Pressed the button on this, before I read the description !!!

When I did it said, '300 m men's citizen divers watch' and that was it, a tad economical I thought...and just the one pic, I then looked at the sellers feedback, only 8 :( I should really know better !!

So I really have no idea what this watch is, save it is a Citizen, and I think I can make out Eco on the dial, any help would be most welcome.

So may have c*****d out here, oh well life is a gamble :) C'est la vie
Thank you


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Don't panic ! If everything is alright with it, it's a good one.

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ah ok dani thks, what actually is it lol
Citizen BN0000-04H 300m Eco-Drive.

I got mine free ! Won it in a giveaway by Uncle Penn.

Love it.:58:
ok cool he has another one too an automatic
I sent u a pvt message re the Citizen :)
The caseback on these is excellent, its a one piece case btw.
hey looks great...
That looks pretty good. I'd buy it depending on price of course.
Error and Ooops

For a Error and a Ooops you did good from what it looks like.
Very nice one too, you should enjoy that one real good.
Good catch Vynster . Yeh .....:72:
I'm not a fan of Citizen, had a solar diver about 2003/4. It does look nice though, hope the price was good and your happy when it arrives. Early morning eBaying is always a risk

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Early morning eBaying is always a risk
Not as risky as late night after a few drinks E-baying ! :grin:
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Is it polly ? thks, :) as too price it was £50 should arrive today, so then we shall see i guess
Erm no Dani, although I have never done that, as Idont drink :)
I really like the looks of that Citizen. Congrats and enjoy.

Thks Mark, still waiting for S****y link to turn up !!! Grrrrr
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