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Well folks as of joining SCWF I just posted my ....
" Two Thousand and Third " Posting.

Man it took so long but I am still here.
I would like to thank everyone on here for the opportunity to be a part of the very friendly and very helpful community of watch crazy
people. I have enjoyed it up till now and will into the future as it looks like it.

I have learned much from all of you and I am very thankful for all of your ..... " Help, Advice, Generosity shown ". I came on here Green
as a Blade of grass, and now I am able to do much, and you all have a big part in the doing of that to get me to where I am. The only thing
about being a member on here is that I have gotten so many watch's I have to keep making room for them.

To celebrate this ....... " Two Thousand and Third Posting " , yesterday I bought a watch lot with ......
" FIVE WATCH'S ", not .... " ONE ".
Well it was something to celebrate about I told and convinced myself.

Got a great deal for them from The Bay. :93::7505::wee_hee:

OH, It had a couple .......... " Aqualands ", also, so I was not dis-appointed about it. :682::57:

I got them all for under............... " $ 55.00 Dollars USD ". I made a very good deal on them too.

" Thank you all for being so Family to Me ".
I am still going on this journey with all of you yet.
Aloha from a very ....
" Thankful Partner on .... " SCWF ".

Aloha and Mahalo Nui Loa to all of you.

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I make it two thousand and third? Congratulations :)
Thanks Duncan,
Its all because of people like you also. Always so helpful and
so very courteous. Also when knowledge is needed it is right there Sir.
Its all about appreciating many and enjoying all of it.
Respectability to those who have the Knowledge and Craftsmanship
in these areas that so pleasantly offer help and all that's needed to
get it accomplished.
Thank you for who you are Sir.
Aloha Sir, LongBike
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