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I have a Grand Seiko!

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I have loved Seikos ever since I helped my Mom pick one out for my Dad when I was only 5 years old. My parents bought me a 5J22 Kinetic Auto Relay that survived through college and pilot training, and I recently had it overhauled with a new capacitor. I also picked up a LE Stormtrooper (253/500) as well as a 5626-7000, 9943, and 7548. They are all amazing watches in their own right, but I always wanted a Grand Seiko.
After being directed to Housekihiroba in Shibuya, I headed down there yesterday with my wife and kids in tow. I just wanted to see the store in person. My intention was to save up over the next 6 months or so and monitor their online store until the right watch popped up. The store was amazing! They had a ridiculous number of slightly used high-end watches of all different brands. It was a really great experience. They were SUPER nice to my 3 and 4 year-old kids, and brought them pictures to color and tea to drink.
Well, they had a pristine SBGT015 in stock. The watch is in absolutely perfect condition. It included the original box and all papers (including hang tag) as well as a 1-year warranty through Housekihiroba. My amazing wife decided that Christmas was going to come a little early for me, and she told me that we should take it home! Needless to say, I'm ecstatic! I always wanted the pinnacle of Japanese watchmaking, and now I have it resting comfortably on my wrist. As always, comments are welcome and appreciated.


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Lucky man, you also have a Grand Wife!!!!
That is so nice! elegant simplicity.
She's a keeper and so is the watch!
Gratz on your early Xmas present though. That is one great looking piece, you must be thrilled.
Very lovely piece - and congrats to a great wife ;-)

I was actually in Shibuya yesterday as well. Very happy to see you managed to find a pristine example of the SBGT015 after your initial foray at Lemon Ginza ;D
Pics look great. Congrats again.
I was actually in Shibuya yesterday as well. Very happy to see you managed to find a pristine example of the SBGT015 after your initial foray at Lemon Ginza ;D
Pics look great. Congrats again.
Yeah, it actually worked out for the best. The GS at Lemon was an SBGT005, and it was pretty scratched up. This is the 015 with, what appear to be, applied minute markers. Plus, it looks like it's never been worn, until now of course! :grin:
What a beauty! Congratulations.
Cool, never noticed the applied minute markers. Don’t think they have this detail on any of the current line up of Grand Seiko Quartz models. The following link has a couple of nice close up photos of your watch for anyone interested.
I just looked through my most recent GS catalog (March 2014, Japanese version), and there isn't a single GS of any kind with applied minute markers. Maybe Seiko feels like that style isn't popular anymore. Personally, I think it's striking, but I'm obviously biased.
Agreed, I like the look of the applied markers as well. I wonder whether it was too labor intensive/expensive to maintain as a regular production line feature.
That looks great. Really nice bracelet too :)
Thanks! The bracelet is phenomenal actually. It's a true 7-link design, and extremely comfortable. I still need to run back to Housekihiroba and have another half-link taken out though. It's just a little too loose on my wrist. I'm tempted to do it myself, but I'm afraid to lose one of the screws, and it gives me a reason to go back to that amazing store and look around some more.
Absolutely beautiful. Understated elegance from Grand Seiko as usual.

I have several GS Automatic and Spring Drive. I feel great wearing them, and they go unnoticed by the low life of the world.
I love the sweep second hand on the GS Very nice :)
Hi guys but what is the meaning of applied minute makers?

Awesome GS there. And great wife too.
The term "applied" in relation to a watch dial means that it was placed onto the dial, as opposed to be printed onto the dial. The SEIKO at the top of the dial and the GS at the bottom are applied, but the Grand Seiko text is printed on the dial. If you look closely at my watch, the 3 minute markers that touch the day/date window, 14th, 15th, and 16th minute are printed as well, but all the other minute markers are applied.
Overall, I think it's a really nice touch that Seiko doesn't do on any of their current Grand Seiko watches. As a matter of fact, they may not do it on any watches currently in their catalog. The only other Seiko I've ever seen with applied minute markers is a 9983 Superior from 1978.
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