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I recently acquired my first two shrouded divers, SRP453 "Baby Tuna" and SUN019 "Kinetic Sawtooth" (Was told it wasn't a tuna)

Both look lovely and my very first (two) shrouded divers.


I had to change the bracelet on the Sawtooth, that beast is very heavy. Went with a nice gray rubber strap with lots of vanilla left.

Now both watches were exposed to +/-2 mins of sunlight. Here is there Lume shot

A double wrist shot. Wrist size is 7.2 for comparison and argument that sawtooth is huge, I love it either way.

Thanks SCWF for fanning the flame of my Seiko/Citizen addiction. I am very happy!

Me: "WRUW while drinking?"
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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