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... since I joined the old forum in September 2004.

All of these watches gave me pleasure finding them, wearing them, sometimes working on them - and finally selling them on to other collectors.

23 Citizen watches (including one Mission Antarctica, one 300m Professional quartz, two 600m watches and eight vintage 150m divers, not including parts watches) and ...

... 27 Seiko watches (including five different 7C43s, seven 7548s, several quartz chrono's, not including parts watches like three 6105s) - not including the ones I still have and three projects I am thinking about!

Although I have downsized considerably and have bought some non-Japanese watches again in the past three years, I just can't seem to tear myself loose from the awesome divers, chronos and dress watches these companies make (I've never only owned one Orient but sometimes find myself lusting for one again too).

And let me say: thanks to all you guys with positive comments, answers to my questions and great pictures of awesome watches!

Here's a pic of a 7548 mod I often wear:

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