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I am back !

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I used to post a lot a few years ago on this forum, then some events in life took over most of my time and energy. And now, here I am again! ^-^
Just wanted to say hello to you all, with a special hi to Thomas, martback and many others whom I still remember from way back.
I haven't bought any new watches since quite some time, but now that my interest in watches is renewed, I'll post a few reviews of the watches that have been on my wrist the most often in the last two years, and who knows ? I might even buy a few more :mad: .
And guys (and gals) : this is as great a forum as ever ! :-*
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Hello Andrew. Welcome back. Make yourself comfortable and please share with us.

Welcome back Andrew. It's always great to see long time collectors return.
Thanks guys !
Here is a pic of a vintage Citizen Ace I rarely wear, but like all the same :

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never seen this one, but I sure do like it.

Cheers, Dave.
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