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I Agree, We All Like the Perfect Watch...

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Then there is Reality...Most of the Watches we own have been worn at least once...Right ? Let's hear what your opinion is about the Condition of a Watch you will wear before you Decide to Give/Send the Watch to a Spa for an Update.
In essence ...How far will one let there watch go before it needs Serious Help ?
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Not far at all. It's got to be perfect:93:

Most of the watches I buy are clapped out and need work.
When it becomes scratched all to hell or dented then its time to have the case bead blasted or sent of to Shawn to work his magic!
When you buy vintage then it can all become about how original an example you can get. Seeking a perfect original example... Not always perfect (new) condition though. Some like it 'used' and original.

Ive got a few 7548 including a nice 7000 kanji but couldn't resist when a better one came up for sale:)

Has the nicest GL831 I've ever had the pleasure of wearing! The closest to perfect example... so far;-)
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I'm super fussy. Think it's called OCD. Have to be 100% except for my old Casio G-Shock which looks cool with the weld splattered crystal and teeth marks in the plastic due to my vicious moggy Callisto.
In essence ...How far will one let there watch go before it needs Serious Help ?
I can give a spa treatment to my watches when I happen to have a Saturday Afternoon with neither the wife nor the kids hanging around the house, so more or less twice a year.
Don't really destroy or damage my watches. probably a combination of been carefull and having a large rotation. The very few times my watches have ended up in the spa,in particular my vintage collection, is if they are gaining or loosing. In my case 24 hours on the wrist is the norm and if they have lost more than 3-5 minutes i will have it serviced. With the vast majority been Seiko this is a rare occurrence..............
I bought my LM36000 so darn NOS looking I assume it was. It was that nice. Bought in on ebay from a high feedback seller who had no other watches sold so didn't realize the condition was immaculate nor did I til it arrived.

Clearly in the vintage world most of what we do is buy highly compromised models and then restore them to the level that makes us happy. For me it's mostly a new crystal and crown and bracelet with a good surface polish to the case while it's all apart, once in a while a new bezel is indicated.
Honestly, it depends on the watch. A couple months ago, I won an auction for a lot of 6309 parts. I wasn't expecting very much, but when the parts arrived, they were in pretty good shape considering what I spent. I cobbled together some other parts from a 7002 project that failed, as well as a AM 6309 dial I got from mmounce, and pieced it all together. I also did what I'd consider my first real movement service. So for less than $50 total, I've got this on my wrist and it's now among the most accurate watches I've got. Of course, she isn't pretty . . .

Contrast that with my even cheaper 6106-8100 project, for which I have got to great lengths to make almost perfect. In the end, I guess it depends on how the watch wears its age. If it looks like petrified wolf sh*t with only a little wear on it, I'd likely try to get it back to 100%. If it wears its age well, then I'll just leave it be with all the "ugly" on it.

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I've never worn one so much it needed recon. I tend to be careful save for a few G-Shocks when I know I need a beater.
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