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It seems to me that on WUS the haters fall into three main categories, the SPD Brigade who seem to only like Swiss chronometers recently serviced or new, the Spec Brigade who only look at the, well, specs and are often aliX fans, and the Alignment Brigade who are really just Seiko haters who for the most part have no 1st hand experience and they never seem to hate on Mido, Glycine, Rado ect. Then there is a 4th Brigade I will call the WIS-OCD Brigade, every watch has to pass a 10x or 20x inspection for minute flaws and if they get one mark on a bezel, the watch is a gonner. I do think everyone's boat floats a bit different and most boats have holes in them, I just don't dig the haters is all, my iggie list there is 10 times the number of users as here :) I am grateful for that feature.
1 - 2 of 24 Posts