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FWIW, I started as a Seiko hater. Cheap junk, or in the case of modern offerings, overpriced junk... Then my dad (whom I only met as an adult) gifted me his Seiko World Time from when I was born... This was the first Seiko I had time for (pun intended), and it opened my mind up to a whole new world of very cool watches. Long story short, the last couple years have been a blur, I own over 100 Seiko's now, and have authored one (soon to be two) vintage Seiko, series-specific websites here:

Bell-matics are next.

I own a few modern Seikos, including some Time Sonars and a Turtle. Your Willard re-edition is also on my short list. Glad you have found your way here - though realize you are in a forum full of enablers :)

Seiko is kind of like Rolex for me - in that I find it easy to love and hate them at the same time. Completely different ends of the market (at least if we ignore Grand Seiko) - but similar emotional journey.

EDIT: if you stick with Seikos from the movies (like your Willard re-edition), you could be going for a while. Look into the Arnie (Predator), the Ripley and Bishop (Aliens), the various James Bond watches, an original Willard (Apocalypse Now), the watch Voice Note (Ghostbusters)... etc.
That is an impressive web site. Thank you!

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