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Huge Sports Chronograph ...WOW !!!

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This is the Largest "Sports Chronograph" in my collection...What Bracelet should I use :57::57: :cool: Yes, It is a Wall Clock about 14 inches across...

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What a shame !! We all expected a wrist shot :character0029:

Great to have

But now you have to find a .........." Strap or Bracelet '
to match it. But they still make them I would say.
It looks good especially for night time use. Day time
it's a winner.:hee20hee20hee:
Funny thing though lately I have been looking for those
also, must be in the air for them:72:
And the Lume glows for an hour or so....Pretty Neat Clock :)
I worked on a rather larger than normal railway clock last year :) Here it is next to my little regency drop dial which itself has a 8 inch dial.

My whole clock fitted into the large clocks back box!
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NATO in case a spring bar gives way.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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