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how to value a mod vintage tuna?

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Hope expert here can give opinions on this mod for sale that I come across.
It is a Tuna 6159 mod with GS caliber 6156.
The bezel is modded as well and cant rotate. ( I do not know the reason)
What is the value like in market ?
Appreciate any comment. Tks
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It's probably worth more parted out than as a whole IMO.
As a whole, as there's not much to compare it to and it's far from original (and maybe not completely functiona)l...It's worth what ever someone is willing to pay.
I guess some pic will really helps..... especially when the bezel sounds ..... serious !
It is on one of the forum sale's site .
The bezel is stated immovable, and owner claims doesn't know much abt it.
It's asking is abt $700.
Watch is running with no issues.
Over ? Under ? in pricing ?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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