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Please read the trading post rules at,328.0.html before participating. Doing so will help you avoid submitting posts that are removed because they do not follow SCTP's guidelines. Also feel free to ask the SCTP moderators questions via private message. (Their names are listed at the top of SCTP.)

Failure to comply with these rules means your post(s) may be deleted by the moderators without notification.
Repeated failures may result in the suspension of your trading privileges.

:a102: Just discovered that your post or reply "bump" is gone? Your post has been locked or modified? Don't go :41: These are the usual reasons why...
  • You did not identify the purpose of your post: FS=for sale / FSOT=for sale or trade / WTT=want to trade / WTB=want to buy /Free or "OI" = Offers Invited.
  • You did not include the PRICE(s) in the subject line of a FS or FSOT post
  • Your subject line was loaded with CAPITAL LETTERS or "wingdings" like ***RARE*** [email protected]@K!!
  • You did not include at least one CLEAR PHOTO of the actual watch(es)/item(s) in your possession that is/are being offered FS or FSOT or WTT
  • Your DESCRIPTION did not accurately and/or adequately describe the item(s) listed in the post
  • You did not WAIT AT LEAST 24 HOURS before "bumping" your post (according to the timestamp of the original post or latest reply)
  • You did not respond to a message from the moderator requesting more information about or explanation of your post
  • You have not contributed at least Fifty (50) substantive posts or replies to the discussion forums before you posted a FS, FSOT, or WTT thread. WTB and Off-Topic posts do not count toward this 50 post requirement.
  • You offered your item for sale/trade after showing it on the main forum within the last 7 days.
Again, if you have any questions, the moderators' login names are listed at the top of the trading post.
Best of luck with all your trades!
The SCTP Moderators
1 - 20 of 698 Posts
Not open for further replies.