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How to assemble the diafix spring?

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In 6106/6119 and many other movements Seiko uses diafix bearings:

I found out the hard way that these springs have the typical feature of jumping all over the place when I try to assemble the bearing. :(

What would be a good way (for an starting amateur watchmaker) to handle those springs?

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Stony said:
Hi Stony,

The best think for this exercise is practice; lots of it. When I tried working on my first one; I ended up losing two springs and bending one. Eventually, I got to the point where I figured out just what your diagram shows; the springs have to be slid in. Trying to press them in and spring one of the tangs just results in flying or bent parts.

You could put a bit of silicon grease on the tip of your tool so that the spring will stick to it rather than flying off into carpet territory.
Also, don't try doing this job after drinking caffeinated beverages :'(
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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