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how many Tsunami's?

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Noah has stated that he is running 100 models per issue. i have now seen three issues i think,
1,the standard 6309 hommage with bell markers/black dial.
2, standard 6309 bell markers/black dial finished in PVD.
3, military variation with mil watch dial and nato strap.
can we therefore assume that about 300 tsunami's will be sold here? What do the forumers think?John. 069/100 says Hi, ^-^
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My guess is 100 per each different configuration. I might be wrong, though, and I wouldn't be surprised if I indeed am. ;D
noah said:
More Tsunami's in Brazil than anywhere at the moment and two more heading that way ...
also Canada Sweden Norway England USA ... any one I have miss ?
I'm very proud to be an ambassador of an outstanding product to my fellow countrymen! :))

Brazilians are diver's watches fanatics.... O0
sharkfinDave said:
Haha, Chris, my Brazilian bro. Are you amassing a tsunami collection to compliment the tunas? LOL.

Nice to hear the Brazilians have leading the way and know a good thing when they see it. Chris, your the driving force. I got mine because of you praises and through your education. Thanks bro. ;)

Cheers, Dave.
Cheers, bro! Not to mention!

It's my pleasure to help crazy guys like me, who can't content themselves with just one of each! LOL!

I'm in the process of acquiring my 4th straight Tsunami - the UDT FROGGIE tactical model.

The others in Brazil went to dear friends who participate at our local forum RELOGIOSMECANICOS.COM.BR, where you are also a member, Dave!

Great minds think alike, and the Tsunami goes to prove just that! The praise is justified. It's an awesome product.

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Desotti said:
Thanks to my Bro Chris, I'm a proud Tsunami owner as well. ;D

There's absolutely no flaw in this watch, an easy recommendation to anyone who appreciate high quality diver watches. ;)

Nothing to mention, brother! It's my pleasure. You know you can count on me to hook you up whenever I can. ;)
1 - 4 of 17 Posts
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