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how many Tsunami's?

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Noah has stated that he is running 100 models per issue. i have now seen three issues i think,
1,the standard 6309 hommage with bell markers/black dial.
2, standard 6309 bell markers/black dial finished in PVD.
3, military variation with mil watch dial and nato strap.
can we therefore assume that about 300 tsunami's will be sold here? What do the forumers think?John. 069/100 says Hi, ^-^
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From my understanding early on. I was under the impression it was LE 100 of each color. Thats, classic case, UDT, orange,yellow, pvd.
But there's also the silver, blue dials that were recently thrown into the mix.
But I think Thian may be right. Thian's post seems logical. There would be too many in each color if quantities of a 100.
I'm almost 100% that Noah's made 100 tsunami casebacks, and 100 froggy casebacks.
I guess we'll see if Noah can shed some light on the exact numbers.

Well, we were both kinda wrong, but I was close.
Here's what Noah posted in the other thread to clarify.

Tsunami model options
Some folks seam a little confused

there are 500pcs but 5 sub-models
100pcs Tsunami
100pcs PVD
100pcs Mil-style
100pcs color dial (Orange Yellow Silver Green Blue)
100pcs for open modding

As for the stock made to look like original 6309-7040 only 100pcs will be made

Any changes to it such as using MM hands or stock Seiko dial would but that model under the open for modding category
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thianwong said:
Dave, I think only 100 LE cases were made, but Noah added the extra colored dials later, as customers suggested them...
I recently asked how many were sold of the watches and he said 27.....out of the 100....customers from around the world! Amazing!

Only 27 watches. Hmmm, thats sounds about right.
I know among the various forums I surf, I've personally seen at least 20 unique owners in the wild. I know of 3-4 who are multiple tsunami owners. ;)

The Tsunami movement is coming along.

Haha, Chris, my Brazilian bro. Are you amassing a tsunami collection to compliment the tunas? LOL.

Nice to hear the Brazilians have leading the way and know a good thing when they see it. Chris, your the driving force. I got mine because of you praises and through your education. Thanks bro. ;)

Cheers, Dave.
NICE, UDT froggie. I'm really wanting one of those too. Eventually. ;)

You gonna love that froggy caseback. So cool. I haven't seen too many, maybe 3 individuals.
Dial/hands/caseback are very distinct.
I'd have one by now, if it weren't for so many Seiko's in the way. LOL

Cheers, can't wait to see yours. Your legions of tunas and now tsunami's. Great stuff.
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