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How many people found the place before it was official and when?

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LOl I stumble on it the 29 and was denied ( of course) :p
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Ironically I've only just found out about this new site, courtesy of a comment on another forum! I'm glad to be here, though.
Didn't know about it until I got the email ... I've been somewhat inactive lately. This is the email I got:

From: Nobody ; on behalf of; Seiko & Citizen Watch Forum
Subject: Welcome to Seiko & Citizen Watch Forum
Thank you for registering at Seiko & Citizen Watch Forum. Your username is
The Seiko & Citizen Watch Forum Team.

My 1st thought was that it was spam. I don't remember registering for another watch forum lately. But, mcw53 is the username I typically use on forums, so I figured I'd check it out. But there was no link to the website in the email. Obviously I figured it out. It's good to be back.
I knew it was coming but not when. I did not join until I received an email to. Too bad there was no chance at a charter membership.
We had to reject about 10 people who managed to find the site accidentally before we were ready to go live.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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