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Do you regulate your watches yourselves, have someone do it for you, or do you rather leave them alo

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And for those who do it themselves, do you use an electronic timer to help you?

Thinking of tweaking this puppy, but I don't have any tools yet (or any skills, for that matter)... :-[

Thanks, guys!


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TakesALickin said:
.... I barely nudged the arm and it would go from -20 per day to +40 per day. It took quite a few attempts before I happened to get it just where I wanted it. Seems to be running about +3 per day now.
Well, I got you beat! ;D

My SKX007 was running consistently 39 seconds slow per day. That was annoying, since I pretty much only wear that watch and don't really rotate the others. I had to reset the time once or twice a week on it.

So I bought one of Jake's beginner's watch modder tool kits, and used the caseback opener it came with. Since I got no skills, I then proceeded to test it on a handwind Hamilton Khaki I have that gets zero wrist time, just to get the hang of it and see how bad I can scratch a caseback. :-[

So, after getting the '007 opened without scratching the case ;D , I started to tweak. Here's how it went.

First attempt: -39s/d to [glow=red,2,300]+300s/d[/glow] You guys weren't kidding! :p

Second attempt: +300s/d to -95s/d All right, now. Stop drinking coffee!

Third attempt: -95s/d to +180s/d

Fourth attempt: +180s/d to +75s/d

Fifth attempt: +75s/d to +25s/d

Sixth attempt: +25s/d down to +1.5s/d

The way I've got it set now, the watch runs barely fast during the day and loses about five seconds overnight if I leave it crown-up. 8)

So I finally added my vote to the survey. I now consider myself a self-regulator!

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