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How many of you choose Quality over Quantity.

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I just cant seem to Categorise myself other than a Bit of Both really as yes i have Quantity without doubt with over 120 Watches Now,Yet i do have in my eyes Quality also owning probably all the usual Suspects collected by most WIS,S.

Ive also found that my watch choices change daily on what i see to what i now like.
The only thing that has not slowed is my QUANTITY of buying.Ive noticed theres a lot of Forum members lately who have very few watches in their collection yet the Quality is awesome.Shannon spence(Springdiver) being an example.Shannon is a great forum member and good friend yet i know he has raped his collection over a period of time to stick with the Big Guns of Seiko like the MM,SD600,Marinemaster 1000m Tuna etc etc.

Wondered what everyones own thoughts are on this.
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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