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How many of you choose Quality over Quantity.

How many of you choose Quality over Quantity.....>>>

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I just cant seem to Categorise myself other than a Bit of Both really as yes i have Quantity without doubt with over 120 Watches Now,Yet i do have in my eyes Quality also owning probably all the usual Suspects collected by most WIS,S.

Ive also found that my watch choices change daily on what i see to what i now like.
The only thing that has not slowed is my QUANTITY of buying.Ive noticed theres a lot of Forum members lately who have very few watches in their collection yet the Quality is awesome.Shannon spence(Springdiver) being an example.Shannon is a great forum member and good friend yet i know he has raped his collection over a period of time to stick with the Big Guns of Seiko like the MM,SD600,Marinemaster 1000m Tuna etc etc.

Wondered what everyones own thoughts are on this.
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I would not categorise myself into quantity, as I can't see myself owning more than 15 or so watches. So I guess I have to say quality, but my pile of watches looks very different from Shannons, except for my sweet 6309. I am a student and have to deal with a students budget (I love the quaity of my watches, though. One of the main reasons why I love Japanese watches). Plus, I love the diversity in my collection. I wouldn't want to sell 10 150€-watches to own one 1500€-watch or two 750€-watches.
If I ever earn big amounts of money I would most likely add a hand full of pricier watches to that pile.
I just sold off three to help fund a grail. But I'll probably slowly buy them back 'cause I really liked them. Guess I fall into both camps.
I am going along this direction cuz I can only wear one everyday.

Similarly, I'm departing vintage as well cuz they can't afford daily use...
Definitely quality for me. I currently own only two watches: Speedy pro and SKX-173. ;D
Started out more a quantity person but have lately moved onto fewer, more quality pieces. I do love pulling these watches apart though and trying to make rough ones look good so will probably always be a mid quantity, few quality kind'a guy.
i'm neither =) i buy what i like. that said, i don't have nearly the amount of watches that alot of people here have.

<* shark >>><
I have been making an active effort lately to choose quality, although my measure of quality is probably more pedestrian to others. I found that I enjoy the shopping and the saving more than the impulse or the accomplishment of finding rare dial variants or special serial numbers. At one point I had about 20 in the box and I just found it to be suffocating so I sold most off to buy a SARB021 which normally was out of my budget. Now I have 5 regular wearers which I find to me more to my liking. I figure to add 1-2 really nice models each year and will probably let a few go as new ones enter.

I think this is one of the many nice things about this hobby as there is enough to attract all kinds of interests. Some of us get excited about the newest model while others are just as excited to find the 30 year old NOS sitting in the bak of some shelf in Japan.

I also think that the climbing price of new and vintage models is also effecting how people collect. I'd love to get all the new Trek Monsters or the new Alpinist but at $500 each, I'm only going to get 1 and when I see that it isn't that much different from the $150 Monster or SKX007 that I already have, my interest fades.
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for the most part (though not always), I'm more about quality than quantity. That said, my definition of quality does not necessarily mean a high end or expensive piece. Instead it means either a quality restoration, a quality piece, or a very good quality (and original) modification. If I just went for quantity, I think my house would have been taken over by watches long ago.
First, I must mention that I love this thread!

For me, it was never really about quantity. As my collection grows, I find myself selling/flipping those watches that never made it in the rotation. For those of you that know me, you have noticed that I look for the more obscure pieces, the discontinued pieces, and the less popular pieces. So with that being said, it's quality first for me.

Angelis ;)
Quality over quantity here as well. Not that what I had before lacked any quality to say the least.

I went from about 16-20 watches to just 7. Sold off most of my collection to pursue the purchase of 2 Seiko Ananta grails, also added 4 JDM Seiko/Citizens and could not be happier.

Anything below 10 watches is more pleasurable/manageable to me. I take care of my watches, but I do not have "shelf queens". They all get fair wrist time and get enjoyed.

I made add 2-3 more but that will probably be it. I can truly say I am very happy with my current collection and would not have it any other way.
^-^ Excellent post my friend ;D

Yes.... I fall into the quality. After selling off 80% of my collection I really don't find my self missing any of them, except maybe my 007 Tuna which I plan on replacing with a 015. :)) Also size has a lot to do with my decision as well. I just don't care for any cases under 44mm. IMO they look to small on my 7 3/8" wrist.
Only the Marine Master squeaks by because it's such a beautiful BAD A$$ diver. Straps have been another issue, after wearing notched 24mm straps (Martac Elite, Isofrane, etc...) everything else seems to small as well, except for Z-22's and the newer B-22 Tuna straps.

I also flavor the thicker chunkier watches, especially the Ananta's which is why the auto chronograph will be my next purchase "quality" :))

So in the end...yes I would take one $4,000 SD600m over 16 $250 divers or one GTR over three 370Z's.

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Shannon, which Ananta auto chrono are you going after? The SRQ003 on bracelet or the SRQ005 on croc strap?
I live in the city, and since I'm pretty sure my neighbors would abject to the smell, I can't have a cash cow in my backyard. With that, I just can't buy everything under the sun, so by definition I'm definitively a quality-over-quantity kind of person. And that reflects on my watches. Even if I do have the money, I will not buy anything just because it's a must have or something that many collectors will give half their liver for. I'll only buy it if it "talks to my heart", independent of it's collection value, and I definitively will not buy something just to fill up my boxes.
minidriver said:
Shannon, which Ananta auto chrono are you going after? The SRQ003 on bracelet or the SRQ005 on croc strap?

Hi Frank,

SRQ003 plus order the croc strap.
Edit: I just ordered The SRQ003 + the croc the wait begins >:D :)) :)) :))

Stefan's photo did me in :))

Quality any day, whether it be a "cheap" watch or expensive, quality always floats to the top in the long run. ;)
I started out buying "lunch money" watches, and would never have considered spending $100 on a Seiko. Over the past few years, however, I am pulled steadily upmarket, as interest in the lesser calibers fades. Am at about 45 watches now, and ready to start selling some of the earlier purchases. Many of you must have a similar experience.
I honestly try to keep the collection at twenty pieces or less lately. If I see something I want, I immediately ask myself what I would be willing to give up to make space for the new watch. If I can't answer that question, I don't need the new watch that bad. ;)
Well, my response is pretty much invalid since I only have one nice watch - Citizen Nighthawk. If you define that as quality (and I do), then I am quality over quantity. Otherwise, I guess I'm neither.

Longterm, I'll be a quality guy vs. quantity - but all dependent on what I like. I've been carefully looking for my 2nd addition but have yet to find it just yet.
TakesALickin said:
I honestly try to keep the collection at twenty pieces or less lately. If I see something I want, I immediately ask myself what I would be willing to give up to make space for the new watch. If I can't answer that question, I don't need the new watch that bad. ;)
I like the question... Would I want to part from to make room for...

I'll try to remember that when the bug bites...

Apart from that I go quality before quantity but who defines too much? 10, 30, 50 ??
One thing for sure cheapo watches are not my thing.
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