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How do you use your GMT?

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I am eagerly awaiting a 6117-6410 Navigator Timer. As with so many other vintage Seiko designs (6309-704x,6105-811x,6139-600x) this one started as "Oh, that's interesting but whatever..." to " I MUST HAVE IT!". I may be starting down a slippery slope of 4th hand ruination as there are several World Timers that are also kind of stimulating dopamine production. I am a Seikoholic looking for a fix...

I have researched ad nausea and I feel that I have a comprehensive understanding as to how the 4th hand and 24 hour ring in a 6117 are used. What I was wondering was how do my addicted brethren use theirs? I will probably set the 2nd time zone to US pacific. I am on the east coast and have a sister on the west coast with whom I converse almost daily. I do not need a device to calculate a 3hr time shift but what the heck...

Do you track GMT? Track the time zone of a loved one? Every actually calculate longitude while at sea?

screen caps of seller's pics (and an original H link! yippee!!)...

EDIT: Watch arrived today (06/04/10). Much better than the eBay pics. Seems to be all original, works splendidly. Eventually a service, gaskets, lume, maybe crystal...but for now she's good to go as is!

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thanks for the reminder that I have a GMT in the box...modded with pink hands, no less! So I just set the GMT red hand to Vancouver Canada time and the regular hands are Japan I'll know what the wife is doing when I'm visiting for a week :))

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Time said:
Hmmmm. The pink looks kind of odd, like its been washed out by the Sun. Red would have been better IMO. American fellow was experimenting back in 2004 with the colored hands.....the pink hands actually are a very common color in the Japanese color palette, so here the dial color scheme is seen as completely normal. The previous owner also changed over the GMT hand to red.

I once read that the pink color is the most visible color for deeper sea diving where light is minimal.......and must agree that as the sun sets and nite is at hand, the pink hands are still highly visible to me....haha!
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