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How do Casio and Citizen's solar technologies compare? ...

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Are they similar? Markedly different? Is one believed to be superior to the other? Do they make different engineering trade-offs?

Thanks in advance!

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The solar Casios that I have owned have never moved from a HIGH indication on the power meter. Granted these have been digitals with low power demand, but there isn't much sun in the winter time with long sleeves and I don't bother doing any sunbathing of the watches either.

I've only owned one EcoDrive and it didn't have a power meter, so I have no idea how well the charge was kept. I never noticed the 2-second hop, though.

One thing I like on the Casio digitals is the use of a power saving feature which shuts down to minimal functions in the absence of light. This can really increase the life of the charge, especially for watches of infrequent use.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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