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How can I get this case apart?!

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I've got a Seiko auto case no. 6119 - 8190 to overhaul and fit a new glass to.
I can't get the case apart.
I've tried using my Favourite glass/back press but maybe I'm doing some thing wrong.
Photos to come
Any ideas?

;) Paul ;-)
PS. Its my first post.
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If you're talking about the case-back,some 6119s open thru the glass..It states so clearly on the caseback..

If you already realised this and are asking how to get the glass off, either a crystal removing tool or pry gently around the edge of the crystal ring.

If that's the same model certainly looks like the fixed bezel is the crystal retaining ring!

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Forgot to mention... once you get the crystal off, you will see a little metal tab in the gap between the dial and the case around the stem area, this is the stem release. You may need to pull the stem out.

this case is listed in the casing guide, which will give more details about this type of case:,2218.0.html
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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