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So it's no mystery I'm a fan of the new SRP Tuna's (SRP 227, 229, 231, 233) and have observed out here a few times that the moniker Baby seems a little derogatory to such a fine watch. Granted, they are much cheaper the proper Tuna's, but given they have a mechanical movement, hand wind, and hack (all things WIS's normally love), I've always bristled at the "Baby Tuna" designation. I shouldn't I know, but it does, and I've always thought a better name might be fair.

Clearly 'Tuna' is out, we've reserved that. So, in the process of considering the question I wondered, how much smaller are they than some common Tuna's? I checked, and in order, smallest to largest (in my collection) we have:

SBBN Tuna - 46.85 mm at the bottom of the shroud
7549 - 46.85 mm at the bottom of the shroud
SRP Tuna with factory rubber shroud - 47.25 mm
SRP Tuna with Yobokies SS Shroud - 47.75 mm
6159 Golden Tuna - 48.25mm

Still not sure what to propose as a more 'welcoming' name than "Baby" Tuna (Auto Tuna?) but here are pics of them in the calipers:

SBBN Tuna:

7549 Tuna:

SRP Tuna with factory shroud:

SRP Tuna with Yobokies SS Shroud:

6159 Golden Tuna:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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