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The SCWF owners have again paid the mods there yearly bonus (double last years !!) so I just want to spread a little of the warm feeling to all the members :)

On offer is this bare SKX TST with a bronze shroud, case is very good apart from one of the drilled lugs, a tool broke and gave a false cut but it doesent affect functionality what so ever.

The comp is to pick the bonus ball in the UK lottery Saturday 10th August 2019, the bonus ball is any number between 1 and 59.

Rules to play.

1) Must of been a member before August 1st 2019.

2) One go per member.

3)If more than one member picks the same number (it happens often :) ) the first member to have picked the number owns it.

4) If not won on the 10th it rolls over to the next draw and so on until won.

5) Winner to pay postage (i'm a pensioner :) ).

6) No returns, you win it it's yours.


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Lucky 13 for me John...........:)

Thank you!
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