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Holy Grail Watch And Story Discovered

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Hello Gents,

I've big sitting on this secret for a few years while I worked on this project.

Introducing the J12082S. A model purpose-built for a mountaineering expedition in 1964. A SilverWave (dial text and caseback emblem)

Seiko has built a legacy of creating purpose-built watches for professional adventurers. When did this legacy begin? Rediscover the lost history of Seiko's first professional mountaineer's watch. Follow the men whose challenge for glory took them to the savage and extraordinary mountain Gyachung Kang. From meticulous research, interviews with the living expedition members, and collaboration with artists.

Very grateful for all the friends I've made through this experience.

This Is Gyachung: Dahlman, Chris: 9781006599439: Books

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Wow, you wrote a book on this? Can you tell us more about it. There isn’t any info on it on your site.

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Hi CombatID,

The book is a work of creative nonfiction, with many images. The book focuses on the watch's story around the expedition, and not on my story with it as a collector/researcher.
My journey with it all started when I purchased a beat up Seiko with a strap covering the caseback... convering up a Japanese inscription.

I put to full use my skills and background as a researcher, geographer, and cartographer.
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Yes, outstanding coverage. I will order the book!

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Yes, outstanding coverage. I will order the book!
Enjoy it!
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