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High Five !! :)

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I have several more where this cane from. Any can be had for half this $3950 value.

Paid $225 to refurbish it too.

There's a fool born every minute.
If they are really $3950 I'll be starting up production shortly. :eek:hmy::p:eek:hmy:
For $4250 you may select the number of your choice out of the first batch. :grin:
Is that one of the rare Swiss-made Seiko Chronometers with platinum rotors?
A fake Seiko 5? Man, there are some bottom feeders out there.

That dial has the look of a Hindistani "Seiko". Doesn't look like the replica dials coming out of the PI.
Just serviced by the top watch man in LA or La La Land?
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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