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It is incredibly comfortable for its size, weighs 180 grams with its bracelet, and carries a 6r35 that according to the brochure varies from -10 +25 seconds a day

Adjusted it was +1, you have to give the rope 20 turns, the leaflet puts it

It has 70 hours of reserve, unlike its sumo namesake with the 6r15

It has a sapphire crystal and a ceramic bezel, I think, because I do not distinguish them very well, that puts some reviews

It has manual loading, and an impressive lumen like most seikos I've had

Ds 200 meters and has a curious feature: if you look at it face-on and with a backlight it looks black

With the light half side it is green and a green clencha appears on the sphere that turns on itself if you move it

Logically it has a second hand stop and you can adjust it every day to the second (but so ... now that it's not necessary) and a quite fine touch in the Crown

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