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i love my postal person....great deliveries :)
what do i have.. :D

. lets open to find out

hhhmmm.lots of tape - i dont like tape. :mad: ..

hhhhmmmm :) what do i see peeking out at me??? :eek:

dang...more tape- :mad: --did i mention i hate tape... :mad: ..k, lets get rid of that

i see something shiny inside- 8) --what could it be...

side view looks good. :) ..

back doesnt look to bad either.. ::) ..

oh my!!! :eek:

strap way to big :( ...i refuse to grow into it so i must get a new strap or different bracelet......hhhhmmmm must go shopping..... ;D

the end...hope you enjoyed....

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Nice catch Cindy. do let us know if you want some tips for cleaning it up and bringing it up to snuff. We can recommend some excellent parts and resources.
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