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Hey has anyone seen this model before...

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it looks very nice...just a pic from the ad...i would still rather have a TigerUK model but this one looks is the ad listing...never heard of this model

SEIKO Superior Limited Edition Automatic Air Diver *1 of a kind watch from Asia*

pics are borrowed from ad...

if the shroud was black or bronze like what Tiger would look perfect...the red is not for me...


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hey i just read the back..this is a limited edition of 1300..seller needs to learn how to
There must be lots of spare black plastic shrouds out there from other folks Yobokies Shroud mods so you could advertise for one. Or get one of Yobokies black stainless shrouds for it.

The only trouble is that by the time you have bought the special edition baby tuna and custom shroud you might as well go for a TST and get what you really want.
that was my thinking...Tiger can just make me one i really want..i have the perfect case i am building all the internals right now...
thanks i did not know it was a baby tuna either...thank you...
Tiger would you make a shroud to fit these baby Tuna ?
I think thats a combination of 2 watches. The red shroud is not original - the watch came with a black one
that was my thought too
Dump the red and go with Harold's shroud. These SRPs are great watches. Excellent value for the cash . . . . I love mine!

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hey looks great..seller decided not to sell...
Tiger would you make a shroud to fit these baby Tuna ?
Why if Harold is supplying them ? no point :)
that is true tiger..why make more work than necessary
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