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I'm placing this review in the Citizen section because it has a Miyota movement,
which is keeping really excellent time. I don't know if Helson is regulating these
before shipping them, but it's running at +3spd right now. I've never had a problem
with a Miyota movement, i really do like them, but this is better-than-expected
time-keeping, for me.

I've had a number of Helson watches, including two 40mm shark divers that i really
loved, ( one brass/mop, the other full-lume in steel, ) but that i ultimately sold, as they
just seemed to be sort of hyped on steroids. This 38mm is similar, but a much more
reasonable size for my wrist ( i wear my watches on both wrists, left is 6-7/8", right
is 7".) So while it's a rugged and masculine design, with lots of wrist presence, it
feels like a 39mm watch on the wrist, which i think is just about perfect. It also feels
like a small tank, i mean that in a good way :) I have never been a fan of G-Shock, or
Lume-Tec, or any of the other watches that look like they've been designed for Manly
Men, this one for me has really hit the sweet spot. For the record, dimension are 38mm
x 11.4mm by 46mm with 20mm lug width.

The case and bracelet are bead-blasted titanium, and the bracelet is integrated into
the watch better than any i've ever seen. The diver's extension clasp, which i think
ought to be standard on any watch sold, ever, is steel. For those with extreme o.c.d.,
the change in material might be bothersome. it doesn't bother me at all, if anything,
i like it, as the heavier steel clasp, opposite the watch, really balances the watch on the
wrist. It stays put really, really well. When my watches don't behave well on my wrist,
it's because they go falling outwards, away from the wearer. With the diver's exension,
a perfect fit is always easy to find, and the watch never has enough slack to sort of
turn the corner and go sliding off to the outside. it just says put. I love it. This is also
due, in part, to the lug drop relative to the caseback. Good ergonomics.

I chose the black dial, as the colored options were too subdued for my taste. If this
were available in yellow, orange, or mother-of-pearl, i would snap one up, no doubt,
although i did wait until a 15% off Easter sale occurred. Helson has events like this
at least twice a year, maybe more...The lume on the dial, hands, and bezel insert is
Helson bright, which puts them right up there with Seiko and Omega. In my experience,
Seiko is slipping a bit, and Omega is, in my book, simply too expensive. So in the
middle-weight price class, i'd call Helson the Lume Champion.

One quibble, but it might not really be a negative, in the long run...the bezel is really
very firm. I've been lifting weights 6 hours a week for the last year or so, after seeing
that at this age ( 62) it's use it or atrophy. Setting the bezel makes me feel like i'm flexing.
I set my feet firmly on the floor, first :) I put on some good gardening gloves, and exercised
the bezel for a good ten minutes, and it did feel a but loosened. Another sign of advancing
age that some coots might have noticed is that body hairs grow longer. When firmly
gripping the bezel on an 11.4mm thick watch, well, there's gonna be some collateral
damage to the arm hairs. Rip. Ouch. But i'm a Manly Man, i'm ok....I think the bezel
will loosen with time and use, and i'd rather this than a bezel that starts life easily, but
goes on to become loosey-goosey.

I don't buy new watches very often, but i've got the opposite of buyer's remorse here, and
I am very happy with this watch. I see that the design evolution towards this 38mm watch
has been a long and intelligent process. I sincerely thank Helson for makingn this watch,
and i recommend it highly. I love my modded watches, and i love my vintage watches, but
if i had to choose just one, this would be it, it covers all the bases.

I have no affiliation with Helson and they haven't paid me a dime :)

link to Helson site is:

Cheers, All.

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