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Help with Bracelet ID - Advan/something else?

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The bracelet pictured is on an Advan 6106-7570, but looks quite different from the standard bracelet (link here) for this watch.

It looks superficially like an Advan 7019-7220 bracelet (see this link) - but it’s built different with multiple segments, and the back of the links look different. Actually; the back of the links on this bracelet look almost like they could be the fronts.

I can’t find any Advan bracelet like this in old Catalogs or online- Does anyone recognize that this is a different (either Seiko or aftermarket) bracelet that has been mounted to the Advan clasp?

Any chance it’s original? It looks close enough to the other Advan reference bracelet linked above, that I wonder if it was made to look like one on purpose:

Rectangle Gesture Finger Material property Wrist

Wood Composite material Metal Aluminium Office supplies
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From poor fit and finish as well as the link connector design I have to say that is most certainly an aftermarket bracelet that has a Seiko Advan clasp on it. Not even sure if that is the whole Seiko clasp or just the top buckle part.

I do not think it looks very good on this watch. It is a mis-match of quality and that detracts from the watch head to my eye.

I'd prefer leather until you get a good match or an OEM proper bracelet. My 2 cents please do what you like.
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I agree. Maybe find another period Seiko bracelet you can use that buckle with.
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Thanks for the input! I pulled the trigger on the watch anyway, so waiting for it to get here. In the meantime I do have a few period Seiko bracelets that should fit it better.

Looks like the correct bracelet (XAA 761) is not presently for sale anywhere, but there are some close alternatives - I’m just not a strap person (I have only one watch in my collection on a strap right now, and I’m itching to get it off).
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