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Help with an Omega Constellation please.

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Non-Japanese, experts that know about Omega Constellation...Bought 1972 Mexico City AD. Need authentic looking croc or other leather strap. 20 mm between lugs where the springbars go, 28 mm where lugs transfer onto leather. Strap tapers to a 16 mm buckle. Can these straps be off the shelf material or do they have to be made custom? If anyone knows the model number I will appreciate it. Pic is from catalog but can give a present picture too. Sorry I put two of the same picture in...


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hi jose,

nice constellation you got there! most of that model i see nowadays usually have a plain 20mm leather strap, not a wide strap that's notched like the one in your pic. a 20mm strap will look just fine. however, if you like that notched look, it's not too difficult to find a wide strap and have it notched to fit between the lugs. careful work with an exacto knife will probably do the trick. another option is an original style metal bracelet. i believe jules borel and others still carry them for that case and the price is not too bad.

have fun and enjoy!

janice :-*
Nice Conny Jose,

if there is any chance to get an original strap, it simply might not be worth it.
I think you should follow Janice's recommendations. But if you need an original, I'll consult some folks in a Swiss forum.


I think an adaptation to a "normal" strap is your only option. Though it is not difficult to do and it will look just like a stock one.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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