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Hi All,

I have a Seiko Sportsmatic 5 Deluxe from 1966 that states "TWGP" on the caseback. I'm know "SS" and "SGP" are Stainless Steel and Gold Plated respectively, but have never encountered "TWGP".

Anyone know what that is? Many thanks in advance!

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White gold plated bezel,stainless steel case, stainless steel back
1.SS(ステンレススチール側:Stainless Steel)​
1.SS (The Stainless Steel: Stainless Steel)
2.STP(ス テンレスメッキ側:Stainless Steel Plating)​
2.STP (the stainless steel plate: Stainless Steel Plating)
3.HSS(ハー ドステンレススチール側(硬質側):Hard Stainless Steel)​
3.HSS (Hadosutenresusuchiru side (hard side): Hard Stainless Steel)
4.CRP(ク ロームメッキ側:Chrome Plating)​
4.CRP (the chrome: Chrome Plating)
5.ACPR(オー ルクロームメッキ側:All Chrome Plating)​
5.ACPR (all chrome side: All Chrome Plating)
6.PDP(パラジュウムメッキ側:Palladium Plating)​
6.PDP (the Parajuumumekki: Palladium Plating)
7.APDP(オー ルパラジュウムメッキ側:All Palladium Plating)​
7.APDP (the Oruparajuumumekki: All Palladium Plating)
8.WGP(ホ ワイトゴールドメッキ側:White Gold Plating)​
8.WGP (the Howaitogorudomekki: White Gold Plating)
9.AWGP(オールホワイトゴールドメッキ側:All White Gold Plating)​
9.AWGP (the Oruhowaitogorudomekki: All White Gold Plating)
10.PMP(プ ラチナメッキ側:Platinum Plating)​
10.PMP (the platinum plating: Platinum Plating)
11.WGF(ホワイトゴールド張側:White Gold Filled)​
11.WGF (Zhang Side White Gold: White Gold Filled)
12.AWGF(オー ルホワイトゴールド張側:All White Gold Filled)​
12.AWGF (The All White Gold Zhang: All White Gold Filled)
13.ALM(硬 質軽合金側)​
13.ALM (the rigid light alloy)
14.NSP(硬 質合金処理側)​
14.NSP (the hard alloy handle)
15.NSA(超 硬質合金側)​
15.NSA (the super-hard alloy)
16.AAPC(オー ルパラジュウム合金側:All Alloys Palladium)​
16.AAPC (the alloy Oruparajuumu: All Alloys Palladium)
17.SILP(シルバーメッキ側:Silver Plating)​
17.SILP (The Silver: Silver Plating)
18.SILVER(シ ルバー側:Silver)​
18.SILVER (The Silver: Silver)
19.14KWG(14 金ホワイトゴールド側:14K White Gold)​
19.14KWG (The White Gold Fri 14: 14K White Gold)
20.18KWG(18金ホワイトゴールド側:18K White Gold)​
20.18KWG (the white gold Fri 18: 18K White Gold)
21.PM(プ ラチナ側:Platinum)​
21.PM (The Platinum: Platinum)
22.SGP(金 メッキ側:Gold Plating)​
22.SGP (The Gold: Gold Plating)
23.ASGP(オー ル金メッキ側:All Gold Plating)​
23.ASGP (All the Gold: All Gold Plating)
24.NSAG(超 硬質合金側:)​
24.NSAG (the super-hard alloy:)
25.GC(ゴー ルドキャップ側:Gold Cap)​
25.GC (The Gold Cap: Gold Cap)
26.AGF(オー ル金張側:All Gold Filled)​
26.AGF (The Kon Tiyou All: All Gold Filled)
27.18K(18 金側:18K)​
27.18K (金側 18: 18K)
28.PC(プ ラスチックケース:Plastic)​
28.PC (Plastic Case: Plastic)
29.NSB(硬 質合金処理側(ブラック))​
29.NSB (the hard alloy handle (Black))
30.TWGP(ホ ワイトゴールドメッキベゼル付ステンレススチール側)​
30.TWGP (with stainless steel side Howaitogorudomekkibezeru)
31.TSGP (stainless steel with the Mekkibezeru Fri)
32.WGPG(金 メッキベゼル付ホワイトゴールドメッキ側)​
32.WGPG (with the Howaitogorudomekki Mekkibezeru Fri)"....(see+image)......>>>
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